concrete canvas

Rotterdam (NL)
25,00 p.m2
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Selling 18 m2 concrete canvas.
Concrete canvas is a ready to process coil of concrete “fiber”.
Trim, shape, hydrate and you get a waterproof / fireproof thin hard shell usable for many purposes.

Specificaties (m2)

Lengte: 1200 mm
Breedte: 1200 mm
Hoogte: 500mm
Volume: 0.72 m3
Volume (totaal): 12.959999999999999 m3
Aanvullende informatie:


Aantal: 18 m2
Frequentie: Eenmalig
Beschikbaar tot: 31 juli 2017
Aanvullende informatie: The weight is ± 300 kg. The thickness: 10 m2 in 13 mm thick, 8m2 in 8 mm thick.
Please find more information about the conrete canvas at:
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Plaats: Rotterdam (NL)
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